Cast Iron Teapots

cast iron teapots
We offer you a large selection of our high-quality cast iron teapots. The pots are enamelled on the inside and double lacquered. With its timeless design, the cast iron teapot is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese teapot, as known from tea ceremonies in Asia. In fact, our teapots are also made by hand there. The cast iron teapot can be heated over an open flame, on any type of cooker (including induction), oven, fireplace and even grill. With cast iron, there is optimal heat distribution, which allows the tea to steep evenly. Cast iron also stores the heat better. Therefore, your tea stays warm longer even without a teapot warmer and you have longer to enjoy it at your leisure. At teeblume, the consistently high quality of our goods is very important to us. Therefore, our cast iron teapots are of course intensively and independently tested beforehand. They have the SGS certification, which shows that our teapots can be used with food without hesitation.
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